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Custom Packs/Prototype Request

Use this form if you need a product that we do not carry in our Custom Pack Tool page or if your project requires extra components, materials and/or attention to detail. Examples: Military, University, Industry, Specialized prototypes or other special contract work. We will do our best to source the batteries you require. We have sources for all sorts of batteries and components. This page is not for Battery Packs for the general consumer.

Please enter as much detail as you can provide. Knowing the battery type and size is really important. The best thing you can do is try to measure a single cell in the device and put that in the main description part below. The cell size will tell us what we have. On the label of your existing pack it may list the MAH of the pack. If so please give us that information.

If this is for a new device and you require us to design a pack for you please let us know the space requirements, the average amperage rate, and service time (how long the device should run on a single battery pack charge). If we do not know these parameters it will be nearly impossible to design a pack that meets your requirements. We will do our best to assist you in those cases.

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Cell Type:(if known: LION 2300mah, Energizer xxyy, 5/4D12ah, etc)
Number of Cells in Pack:(if known)
Pack Voltage:(if known)
#Packs Required:(if known)
Target Price:(if known)
More Details:Enter as much information as possible.