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CheapBatteryPacks.com Help Page

This page will give you some quick ways of finding of what you may be looking for.

If you are looking for a battery pack (lipo or nimh/nicad) for your specific RC model use the links at the left side of the screen labeled: Car,Boats,Airsoft,Planes,Helicopters,Crawlers.  You may also use the Custom Nimh/Nicd packs link to select a more detailed fit for your model if you require NIMH/Nicad.

If you are looking for lipo packs for any application start at the "Lipo/A123 Packs & Accys" or click here.

If you are looking for A123 Packs please click here or go to the "Lipo/A123 Packs & Accys" link at the left.

Adapters (Not for Lipo Taps), including pigtails, please use the custom adapter tool found under "Custom Adapters" or click here.

Adapters for Lipo Packs: Convert Thunder Power to Align, Polyqest to Thunder power etc.  Click Here.  Also found under Plugs/Shrink/Wire -> Plugs -> Lipo Tap Adapters

Searching for Lipos:  We have a lot of lipos.  It may not be first evident but there is quite a bit to choose from.  My favorite tool is the Lipo Search Tool found under "Lipo/A123 Packs and Accys".  This tool will allow you to find lipos that will fit with in a certain dimension.  So if you need a 12 x 34 x 120mm lipo (or smaller) this tool will find any lipo that will fit.  You can then, in real-time, narrow your options down as you go.  It will help you zero down on what is available for you.

Customer Packs/Prototyping: We have two options for you.  The Custom Nimh/Nicad tool is a great tool to get something priced and ordered ASAP.  But we only show our stocked products for this tool.  The other method is to use the "Prototype Request" Link found to the left.  This will give you an easy to fill out form and send it directly to us.  We will then respond to your inquiry.  We can get almost any cell and have done so for many customers.  We do not have a minimum order unless our source requires it.  We accept single orders and orders beyond 1000's of packs.  Click here to get started.

Contacting Us: Use the Contact Us link at the top of the screen just after "Home" & "About".  It is found below our centered CBP logo.

Creating accounts/Accessing accounts:  You can create an account at any time and still add your old orders to it.  An order made without an account is not connected to anything.  So these types of orders can be "Searched" by email + zip code or email + phone #.  So this makes it very unique to each person and no one else would have need to steal your previous orders.   We also do NOT store your credit card files under your Profile so the only information that is available is your address and past orders.  To get started with creating an account start here.

If you already have an account and are having trouble accessing your orders please remember you may have used a different Email or Zip code.  So try all your usually emails/zips/phone #'s.   It does not matter if you placed your orders with different emails or shipping addresses.  Once assigned to you they can't be reassigned to anyone else.  If you still can't locate your orders please contact us.  Keep in mind that on this current system we only have 2008 and forward.  If your orders were prior to that date they will not be found.

My item has not shown up yet:  This is a pretty common question.  We do send out notices when your item ships but, as we all know, emails do not always arrive to your in-box.  Using your account (see Creating Accounts above) you can access your order and see the shipping status.  Once your order is shipped it can take anywhere from 1 days (US Domestic Express Mail) all the way up to 6 weeks (International Customs delays).  Please remember our shop is open Monday  - Friday 9-5.  Our mail pick-up is at 11am.  Order placed on Friday will not be shipped until the following Monday or Tuesday.   Orders placed on Sat or Sun wont be shipped until Tue-Weds.  Always allow 2 business days for your orders to ship.  Do if you order on Friday the two business days start the next workday.  Which is Monday and Tuesday.  Allow extra time during Holidays.  If you have a tracking # please rest assured your item has been shipped.  We only produce tracking #'s when your items have been built, put into a box, and label affixed.  In other words,  it has been shipped and in the USPS out bin.

Where do I send my Image/Diagram:  As you see there are no email addresses on this entire site.  This is to help prevent us from getting spammed from those robots that crawl the internet looking for email addresses.  What you need to do is use the contact us (click here) and state that you wish to send us a diagram.  We will then respond with the email address to send to.  Please make sure you include a valid order # as we will not respond unless the order # is valid.  This is to help from spammers using that as a trick to get our address as well.

Local Pick-Ups:  We do not offer this service as we are very remote and our entry/exit is very dangerous for small vehicles.  As a result we no longer offer local pickups.  If you are a local club or hobby shop in the Portland Metro area and place a large order we may be able to drop it off.  Usually, however, it is very quick to simply do a flat rate box as all items arrive next day usually when in the metro area.